Knowing Yourself

You are the only you that exists, isn’t it amazing that there is no one else on this whole planet that is exactly like you, doesn’t that make you feel really special?.

I can’t say I know myself 100% well, learning is an ongoing process but there are something’s I do know, that help me to live a life that I want to live, that allows me to make the right choices and gives me direction.

Let me share a few of these things with you…

1. I can’t work under pressure, so I always like to give myself extra time to do things. For e.g. Getting ready in the morning comfortably takes me an hour.

2. Music brings me peace. It helps me to sleep, helps me to relax, helps me to focus.

3. My inner voice is nearly always right, so I keep asking myself questions. This acts as my guidance especially if I have no idea if what I’m doing is right.

4. Not eating when I’m really hungry makes me moody and snappy. Whereas eating food that I haven’t enjoyed, makes me sad but on the flip side, good food makes me super excited.

5. Helping others in whatever way possible will offer some kind of warmth. As does a random conversation, “thank you’s”, “have a nice days” and people holding doors for you.

What about you? How well do you know yourself? What can you share with us?

One thought on “Knowing Yourself

  1. Love this! As for me, i am still learning about myself. In the summer, i realized i am a neat freak while in the past i wasn’t. Hahaaa my husband just said i remind him of ‘Monica’ in the series Friends. I enjoy music but also i enjoy some quiet time. Still learning and enjoying the perks in the process..

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