About Blue Brown Soul

My Story

You have a plan, in your head, it looks fantastic, it’s got this perfect ending, where everyone lives happily ever after and there are butterflies and flowers and angels but then reality hits you, things start to fall apart and the beautiful little bubble bursts! The result, is a life that has moved so far away from what you imagined that the only way to make sense of what’s going on is to seek answers. Your scared because you fear this could be the end however, what you don’t realise is that this is only the beginning. The beginning of a journey that is going to bring you more happiness, love, satisfaction and meaning than you could have ever anticipated.

My journey hasn’t ended yet and this is why I have created this blog, here you can find my deepest thoughts, some advice, general conversation and hopefully some helpful tips. I continue to seek the answers and I hope my words help generate some insights for you too.


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