Find your strength…

When you have been through a tough time, people always say ‘Be strong’ but strength doesn’t come over night, it takes time and has to come from deep inside.

I recall a conversation with a friend, expressing my anxiety about approaching agencies about jobs and his reaction was ‘Get over it’, now instantly I was like ‘Yes, I need to get over it’ but in reality, although you feel in that moment, you have the power and strength, I know for a fact, when thrown in to that situation, all that anxiety comes back to the surface.

Now this won’t be the case for everyone but I have learnt now not to rush in to saying or doing stuff because saying and doing things under pressure can lead to regret, so I take my time and there is absolutely no shame in taking one’s time. Not everything needs to be rushed!

I can also tell you, some days you will feel like a giant pillar that no one can knock down and other days you will feel like jelly but as I always say, as long as you are doing what is best for you, that is what is important.



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