Learn to take some time and reflect

I went to a spiritual camp a few weeks ago, it was really interesting and one of the biggest lessons I got from it was to spend time reflecting on how your feeling. With life being so busy, there really isn’t much time to stop and reflect, so forcing yourself to do this is a really good way to check in with yourself and see how your feeling. While immersing yourself in this procedure, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself to delve into what your really feeling and why, the likelihood is the feeling is arising from some kind of habit your used to feeling. The questions are as follows and remember, be 100% honest with your answers:

FYI: Reflections should happen in complete silence, silence of the mind more then anything else, that is when you can get some true clarity. Make notes on each question, writing it down really puts it in perspective.

1. How am I feeling?

2. Why do I feel this way?

3. What behavioural habit is more dominant thanks to this feeling?
There are habits that you have for example, the behavioural habit might be:

I am running away from myself/life?
(What am I avoiding)

I am in my comfort zone?
(What am I ignoring)

I am living in fear of relationships and situations?
(How am I suffering)

I am trying to control things?
(What am I suspending)

I am beating myself up/being too self critical?
(What am I struggling with in myself)

4. In what particular area is my life being affected?

5. How is this impacting me?

6. Describe how it is affecting my behaviour and attitude?

7. What do I fear?

8. What does your inner wisdom say to you?

9. What does your heart say?

Why not give it a go and let me know how you feel after…

What is freedom?

Life is funny, people who seem the happiest actually end up being the saddest and people who seem content and comfortable with life seem to be the happiest. Why is this? This came to me while I was reading an article by an Indian Travel Blogger who decided to leave behind his safe, well planned out life to travel around India on a motorcycle. The triggers he said were his divorce, being made redundant and a slipped disc. It’s crazy how things that seem so bad can actually help you to find what’s really important.

For me, what’s most important is freedom, being free means different things to different people but to me it means being able to make your own choices. After a long time of doing things that made others happy, I now do things that make me happy, I appose people who try to tell me what to do and those who understand me know that’s not the way to influence me. As long as I feel free, I am happy! What does freedom mean to you?

Sending Light

On Saturday I was in a funny mood, too long at home made me irritable and a little sad, anyway, although I managed to recover and pick myself up, the other half who was feeling pretty much the same still seemed to have this irritability in him come the evening, I told him I was keeping my distance because I know how influential powerful souls are…his mood continued into bedtime. While I read and he popped off to put the alarm on, I remembered a valid exercise I had learnt whilst dealing with a challenging relationship…sending light.

My relationship with this particular person had really been deteriorating and I didn’t realise how sad I felt about it till I expressed it to a friend. Her response was ‘Right, that’s it, we’re sending him light’. I am open to anything that will make things better, she explained that sending light is something that if done continuously will improve relationships, I was very ready to give it a go. As she began the guided session, I could feel a tightness in my chest, I told her this and she explained that the love between me and this person had gone but doing this exercise again and again this tight feeling would eventually go, that day when I got home, the improvement was immediate, this was evidence enough that sending light works.

How to send Light
Back to Saturday, while he was out of the room, I closed my eyes and imagined god, I asked god to send me light to fill my body with light and then just for a second, I imagined him infront of me, then I just saw his soul and from god and through my body, I sent him light, I filled his body with light. I spoke of him being a soul who felt unsettled, who felt irritated, who needed light, I then opened my eyes. Exercise done and the result, he returned back in the room and seemed to be himself again, once again evidence that this actually works. So I honestly believe the answer to help improve a challenging relationships is to send them light, it might be hard to begin with, it might feel uncomfortable but the benefits will be worth it, why not give it a go…

A new day is just around the corner

I am glad each day isn’t the same as the last and I am glad when a new day comes we don’t have to relive the upsets and confusions of past days, a new day is a fresh start, some are going to start amazingly and we are going to feel motivated and optimistic and strong and some days are going to start rubbish and we won’t be able to pick ourselves up but we can always feel relieved to know once we rest our head down to sleep, a new day will start all over again – this brings me a lot of happiness. One day I am hoping every day will be a good day but until that day, I’ll just be glad that each day isn’t the same

3 movies to watch and reflect on

I’m not working at the moment which means I have a lot of time on my hands. Recently, I have spent a little of that time watching movies, as I have been doing a lot of cooking, it isn’t surprising that the films I have been most attracted too are those about food. After watching my 3rd food based movie today, I made a observation, all these movies seem to follow the same theme: Unhappy man is forced to re-evaluate his life which involves finding what really matters including what his real priorities in life are, on the journey he peels away what isn’t really important by simplifying things and finds happiness once again. In case your wondering, I highly recommend all these movies and I’ll let you know the names at the end of this post but I guess what this has really got me thinking about is, is there a reason all the movies I am watching have the similar themes, is someone trying to tell me something, it sure feels like it, there is a lot I want to achieve career wise but I also don’t want to get so caught up in the idea of making money and being successful that I forget the basics. It’s easy to get carried away and then loose sight of who you really are and what’s really important, I have been there before and the feeling of being lost isn’t a nice one, so I guess what I’m trying to say is, I am very grateful to be able to have the time and space to realise this and I guess if I was working, there would be no time to reflect.

There is one more thing, these films have led me to ask the question: what do I really love, what makes me happy, what is my purpose (an ongoing question), what can I do that will make me feel complete? I’ll let you know when I find the answers…but are these questions ones you need to be asking yourself?

If you want to experience the beauty of these 3 movies, here are the titles and a short description (click to see the trailers). If you watch any of them, let me know your thoughts, I would love to hear them!


Chef: A head chef quits his restaurant job and buys a food truck in an effort to reclaim his creative promise.

Waffle Street: A rags-to-riches tale of a jaded financier who, after losing his Wall Street job, finds redemption and an unlikely friendship whilst working in a waffle restaurant.

Today’s Special: A young Manhattan chef rediscovers his passion for life through making Indian food when he is forced to take over the family business.



Like a long lost friend…

I used to feel guilty that I’m not being consistent with the blogging but I’ve stopped, I’m just glad I didn’t delete Blue Brown Soul because now I feel excited to revisit it, it’s a little like catching up with an old friend, you just continue where you left off, I have to say, it’s a very comforting feeling which will result in your hearing from me a little more. Let’s call me that friend you haven’t spoken to for a few years, I can’t promise how long this visit will be for but I can promise some insightful posts, so watch this space.


Reconnecting with yourself

For the last month, I have been feeling disjointed, it’s very hard to explain but it seems there is a separation between me and myself and as a result things have been really getting to me and I have been feeling stressed, overwhelmed and angry and unfortunately it’s been playing on my health! However, I realised although the ego ‘you’ doesn’t know what you need, the universe does, strangely enough over the past 2 weeks I have been having repetitive conversations about meditation, those of you who don’t understand would say it is a coincidence, however I believe it is a sign!

We get so consumed with life, social media, and our phones that we forget to focus on what’s important; ourselves. The result of my ignorance about this hit me on Sunday when I chatted to a girl at a party. She teaches meditation and while I spilled out about my anxieties and fears, she spoke about her classes, about being in the moment and reconnecting and centering, as she explained how meditation had changed her life, helped her find what she really wanted to do (She is now a nutritionist, previously in finance) and how happy she is to go to work every Monday, I realised how far from that I was and suddenly, I knew exactly what I had to do in order to find my peace again, I had to reconnect with my true self. When I say true self some of you won’t know what I am talking about but I honestly believe we are just a shell and who we really are lies deep inside.

I had been reflecting on this after our chat, it’s funny, when you are whole or rather when you feel whole, things seem easier to handle and this wholeness comes and goes but I wish it would come and stay and the only way I can make that happen is by helping the process. I wish everyone could understand where I am coming from but I guess this is my thing and no one else’s.

Anyway, I will try my best to let you know how it all goes, I am already feeling challenges but I know this is going to help in the long run and that’s what I need to focus on, the long term benefits. Wish me luck!