A Gratitude Diary

It’s quite amazing I haven’t mentioned this before, especially as so many people keep talking to me about it, so I decided this week is the time to make a change and I started listing things I am grateful for.

It’s been interesting because you start thinking about not just the big things but the more basic things, yesterdays list consisted of the following:

I am grateful for the Gym – I am trying really hard to get back in to some kind of routine so I was soooo grateful to have gone to the gym.

I am grateful for family – I am grateful for the love all my family have for me, I am a very very lucky girl when it comes to this.

I am grateful for friends – The offering of guidance, support and general advice, I have a wonderful group of friends whom I am very grateful for.

I am grateful for time alone – I spend a lot of time on my own nowadays, many years ago this would have been a challenge but nowadays, it is something I really enjoy.

I am grateful for warmth – On cold days, how wonderful is it to be in a warm home. To have access to warm clothes and a roof over your head.

Finally and most importantly…

I am grateful for my breath – To be alive, to live another day, to have good health, to have more opportunities to reach your goals and ambitions. Even if your lost and you feel like you can’t find your way, as long as you have this, you honestly have everything – although it may not feel like it.

I could go on but I shall stop. It is so easy to get caught up in the small things that might play on your mind, get self absorbed and in some way trapped in your own world of constant ungratefulness for what you have, so taking a step back and reflecting on gratitude really helps you to see whats important and how lucky you really are. Remember, not everyone is as lucky as you…

So, tell me, what are you grateful for today?


Stress Affirmations…

Thank you to Ms M for introducing me to Louise Hay. Stress free affirmations is just what I needed!

Here are a few from her book ‘I can do it’. I intend to get the CD version for my drives to work too.

‘I let go of all fear and doubt and life becomes simple and easy for me’

‘I create a stress free world for myself.

‘I relax all my neck muscles and let go of any tensions in my shoulders.’

‘I slowly breath in and out and I find myself relaxing more and more with each breath.’

‘I am a capable person and I can handle anything that comes my way.’ 

And if you want a quick taster. Have a listen to this:

What is your purpose?

Why are we here? What is our purpose?

These are questions I often ask myself, if I am still on this earth, it must be for a reason but what is that reason? But how do we find our purpose?

Well start by reflecting on what makes you happy? What do you love doing? Once you are doing what makes you happy, you are successfully achieving your purpose. So create a vision of what you love, whats important to you and what you want to be doing with your life and once you are making this vision reality, you are meeting your life’s purpose, pretty simple hey!

A article worth reading..

Last week I spoke about the things we can do to get more connected with our soul. I then found this article which I highly recommend you read:

10 ways to get more in touch with your soul

Everything is going to be ok…

Everything is going to be ok.
but how do you know?
it’s a feeling that lies deep inside of me
but how can you trust a feeling?
we call that feeling your soul
but what is the soul?
The soul is the true nature of you
but aren’t I me?
No you are deeper than that
Then what am I?
You are a beautiful, loving, peaceful being and all you need to know is everything is going to be ok, it always is and it always will be. Trust me!

Looking after yourself and yourself

When you ‘spiritually aware’ it’s important to remember that you’re not just looking after your body. By the body I mean the body you were given in this lifetime but equally as important is to take care of your soul, the inner part of you.

Recently I have been more obsessed with finding things to keep my body satisfied; eating healthy, exercising, trying to find classes to keep me busy but what I haven’t been doing is looking for things that satisfy the soul.

How can you satisfy the soul?

Good question, being aware of it is a good start, its so easy to get caught up by the role you are playing and completely ignore that something else also needs some TLC. Get outside, spend some time with nature. Meditation is a another necessity, connecting with your inner self, trying to be at one with it, hearing it when it speaks to you. I often use this particular meditation to help me separate myself. Have a go and let me know what you think!

Living the Robot Life

If you follow this blog, you know the writing isn’t constant, it often returns when something doesn’t feel quite right. Just now is one of those times!

I’ve been feeling more emotional and delicate (always a sign) than normal and I have known there is something wrong but literally didn’t have a chance to put my finger on it…till today.

Life has become so busy that its hard to find the time to stop and think and reflect and somehow I have become very disconnected, lack of ‘me time’ really takes its toll but we just don’t realise it.

Many of us go from day to day without even a second to reflect on how we are feeling and why, reflection is a necessity!

Sometimes that reaction that you can’t explain is the result of more than just ‘a bad day’, something far deeper than you realise, the tears, raised voice, irritation is actually a cry for help, your soul saying ‘stop and pay some attention to me’.

Today I paid attention, summers are always intense and with things getting done at home and having to run between 2 cities, the death of a grandparent and not really having a proper break as well as constantly doing something and barely having a second to sit down let alone time to think, it all became too much, I was living the life of a robot and thats not good for anyone, especially someone like me who knows how important it is to have time to myself,  what I also hadn’t realise is how much I had struggled to adjust to my new life, I plod along every day just doing what I have to do, a bit like a Robot – the daily chores, the monotonous routine and having to take care of a house, you realise how easy you had it before and you often wish for those days but the reality is, you have to live the life you choose and this was my choice, the fact I am aware of what I am feeling is a massive achievement, as we all know, awareness is the beginning!

I now know where my problem lies and if I want to move away from the Robot Life and find my happiness again,  its for me to find solutions, communication is key when your feeling this kind of distance and it was talking with the other half and a friend who made me discuss how I can move forward from these uneasy feelings…So a few recommendations for myself (and others if they can relate to me)

  • Meditate more – Get closer to my soul – Reconnect!
  • Find more me time – Remember the things that make me happy and do them.
  • Don’t be so hard on myself – I don’t have to do everything just now, there is no rush – this is probably one of my biggest challenges.
  • Breathe – And be grateful for my breath, I am so lucky to be alive. I must keep remembering this.
  • Find domestic help – Get some help so I can find more time to do the things I want to do.
  • Reflect often – This will avoid me getting to this point again or worse still getting to a worse point.

One last note to myself…everything is always going to be ok so don’t worry or stress about anything!