Vision Board 2018

This is something my friends and I had discussed since last year and last week we finally sat down and created one! To be honest, I really couldn’t think of a better time!

The idea behind the vision board is that what you visualise, materialises. So its worth sitting down with a pair of scissors, a bunch of magazines and your dreams and make them come true by finding images, words and phrases that define what you want to achieve this year. Why not do it with some friends? Make it a fun creative session.



Follow your dreams…

When you have a dream you wish to follow, it is unlikely and unfair to expect others to see these dreams, you can request support to help you reach them but at the end of the day remember these are your dreams and no one else’s. On the flip side, don’t let others talk you out of what YOU want to achieve, people will question you, ask you if you are sure but you must trust your instincts and if you want to do something, only you can make this happen.

Anything and everything is possible! Just believe in yourself and your abilities!

The art of being mentally strong

‘Mental strength means that you regulate your emotions, manage your thoughts, and behave in a positive manner, despite your circumstances.’

I promised myself I would make self development a central part of my new year and what better time to start. As I know I can’t get through this journey on my own at this moment in time, I am ready to turn to as many resources I need for help hence the self help talk.

Whilst doing the daily chores I decided to put on a Ted Talk. This particular one was by a woman called Amy Morin who spoke about how to get mentally strong, such a interesting topic for me at the moment! I will share the video at the end for those of you who also want to get to this stronger place, what I realised after listening to it is that I spend too much time blaming others for how I am feeling…’he stressed me out’ ‘she upset me’ ‘her negativity affected me’ but actually there is no reason why any of these feelings need to stay with me, its just I allow them too.

I also realised there are various bad habits I have picked up over the years that I need to work on, this lead me to create a spider diagram of these, it was a little shameful to look at it if I have to be quite honest. The idea that we can be robbed of our mental strength by having unhealthy beliefs about ourself, others and the world is so true. For ourself, we allow our own choices to hold us back by feeling sorry for ourselves. For others we think we don’t have control and  we blame others for our feelings, we give away our power and freedom. For the world we forget that sometimes things aren’t fair and the world isn’t perfect, all these things make us weak.

Finally it was the question ‘what do mentally strong people not do’ that really got me thinking, what can I do to be like other mentally strong people? This I am still not answer.

Finally before I share the video, Amy shared a very interesting idea ‘envying your friends on Facebook leads to depression’

2018 Aims

I have a very active mind, this means I get really excited when I get ideas and want to do everything at once, it was my husband who reminded me that its better to do one thing at a time, when I got excited about all the self development things I could do in January, (penciling a list of things in my mind) he turned to me and said ‘Don’t do too much ok’ this has been my problem for a long time and leads to a really overwhelming feeling and in more recent times anxiety about how much needs to be done, so i have decided to take his advice, id I focus and really manage my work load, I feel it will make me a lot more effective. I have decided to focus solely on 2 main areas in my life and do something for myself in regards to these on a monthly basis and try hard not to put too much pressure on myself. FYI. This doesn’t mean I won;t be doing other things along the way but those will be ad hoc, the below is part of the big 2018 plan.

1. The plan for 2018 is to do a lot more work on myself, I feel this is an ongoing daily task and something I really have to work on, I already have something set up for January which I hope will help to get me in a more focussed place, lets see how that pans out, I will keep you updated.

2. 2017 was about settling in and feeling more stable in my new city, 2018 is about using that stability to find new opportunities, so the second thing I intend to do monthly is find ways to work on ways to get closer to my work goals. This is something I am starting to work on and I will also keep you updated.

Wish me luck!

Tips for my future self…

What advice would I give my future self, I know there will be times when I will need this list more than ever, being a thoughtful, conscientious, deep thinking confused and sometimes disconnected ummm person, I decided to write myself a list of things I need to remember:

  • Don’t do too much at once
  • Be aware of your feelings
  • Ask quality questions
  • Check on yourself often
  • Do fun things
  • Exercise
  • Read and write
  • Stay positive

What would be on your list? How can you help your future self?


A reflection on happiness

‘Happiness is an inside job’ 

Love this quote that I randomly stumbled across it yesterday and I have been thinking about it a lot since. Its so easy to believe that things will make you happy, now don’t get me wrong, getting a new phone, new car, new home will add to your happiness but you can’t rely on that thing to keep you happy permanently because actually happiness comes from within and to be happy on the inside is the only way happiness will remain.

I  am good at making things complicated and looking into things too much, so today I will keep it simple. The way to find inner happiness is simply to just be happy. Choose happiness and commit to it and if your struggling with that, imagine how you are able to be happy for other people and feel that same feeling within yourself. You were born with happiness, there is no reason why you can’t find it once again!

Blue Brown Soul positive quotes of the week

I have been in quite a thoughtful, deep mood recently and its led me to create lost of little reminders to myself, I would love to share these with you. Things to keep you in a positive, happy headspace. 

‘It doesn’t matter that you fell, what matters is the fact you managed to get yourself back up in order to try again.’

‘Sometimes the path we take are not those that we expect, in fact they are better’

‘All the answers to all the questions you have on your mind lie within YOU’

‘If you look hard enough, you will see signs in every step you take, you just need to keep your eyes open wide enough’

‘Be here, be right here, right now’

‘Although you may not feel like it is a big achievement, getting up is enough’

‘Be your own best friend, be the best friend you could possibly be to yourself’

‘Darkness is always followed by light. Just like a dark night is followed by a bright morning. Remember this when things seem they will never get better’

There will be more, so please watch this space…Happy Happy Friday x