Everything is going to be ok…

Everything is going to be ok.
but how do you know?
it’s a feeling that lies deep inside of me
but how can you trust a feeling?
we call that feeling your soul
but what is the soul?
The soul is the true nature of you
but aren’t I me?
No you are deeper than that
Then what am I?
You are a beautiful, loving, peaceful being and all you need to know is everything is going to be ok, it always is and it always will be. Trust me!


Everything is going to be okay…

Some days are great, some days are good and some days are bad, so when I stumbled across this quote, it gave me a sense of peace because no matter how bad things are, everything is going to be okay!



Some people are born wise, for others it comes with experience, the more you go through in life, the more people you meet, places you go, things you do, all adds to you and your experiences…everything is teaching you something, everything gives you reasons to be grateful – Blue Brown Soul

A reminder…

I found myself getting angry at a situation and then I remembered…

”Everyone who enters your life is there to teach you something, if you treat everyone as a teacher, you will never be angry at anyone, anger is an unnecessary emotion” – Blue Brown Soul

Angels are everywhere

“Sometimes you meet people who just know you, who seem to be able to see through you, not at you, these people are your angels, they are there to guide you, direct you and help you to understand yourself. They could be anyone, so always be aware, angels are always watching over you”  ~ Blue Brown Soul