Your journey has begun…

If you’re reading this now, its probably because your journey has already started, its because you have started to ask more questions and seek new answers, it might even be because you’re not happy with the way things are or because you know there is more out there. Don’t expect everything to make sense at once, this time is hard and confusing. The realisation that there is more than whats on the surface is not something we have been conditioned to believe, so at times it’s going to be frustrating but when you get it, when you understand, when you accept, well thats when it will be worth the wait.

I can’t say I am there yet but somedays, I feel a lot closer and most importantly, I feel more aware of it, so like I tell myself, I am telling you the same thing, have a little patience. It will all make sense soon enough.


Dealing with different views and beliefs

Everyone’s views and beliefs are different and this is something we all need to understand and learn to accept including me. When someone else doesn’t agree with what we say, it’s the egos automatic response to get defensive, feeling the need to protect your viewpoints but this leaves a sour feeling especially if it results in saying something you wish you didn’t, so how can we avoid this situation? Well these are my suggestions:

  1. Remember you are ultimately a peaceful being so getting angry isn’t your true nature
  2. Take a deep breathe and remember that everyone is entitled to their own views
  3. Let it go, you don’t always need to be right, if you were, how would you ever learn?
  4. Write down what you’re feeling and reflect on it. Is it really worth pondering over? Probably not!
  5. Meditate and connect with your inner being, this is a good way to focus on whats really important
  6. Finally remember you are a soul having a human experience. I am a soul. I am peace. I am love. I am joy