Changing your mind set

When you have mostly always lived in a big city, you get so used to the activity, buzz and energy of the city life.

Moving to an island 8 years ago in my 20s didn’t really change my mind set, I was younger and probably a lot more accepting and maybe somewhat unaware of life in general, I never really reflected on how different it was to the city life, thinking about the details.

Now moving to a smaller city in my 30s, my outlook is so different, it’s taken me a little while to settle in and find my feet, it’s a quieter life, thats a lot more relaxed and dare I say it…simple. This word is hard to say out loud because one thing I am not, is simple.

Anyway, having time to myself has forced me to think more and I have started to use this term ‘living in a bubble’, living in a big city, it is so easy to get absorbed in its size, feeling completely mistaken that this is how it must be everywhere but this would be the wrong way of thinking and somewhat naive. I was ‘living in a bubble’. This naivety has effected me in quite a unique way, after adjusting to the pace of life, the next hurdle was finding a job which I am still working on. Along this journey, there are  a few things that I have started to understand.

So what’s different?

  1. Things move slower but of course they will because thats what its like in a smaller place and that’s ok.
  2. Rejection. Your not going to be right for every position and I am proud to say I have accepted this in a positive way.
  3. Embracing having time -I am starting to find new things to do that I have never thought to do before, another positive.
  4. Conserve your precious energy. Your energy is precious, you DO NOT need to share all your energy with everyone.

I have only mentioned a few things that have changed but the point of this post is, sometimes, you just have to change your mind set, if you can’t change your circumstances, all you can do is go with the flow, I strongly believe you can make things happen wherever you are, it just involves putting in a little more effort and that can’t be a bad thing.


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