Meditation Resources for beginners

I have been meditating religiously twice a day for sometime now, I can’t say it always works but having a little routine daily practice is really good for me and my state of mind.

Meditation isn’t easy, I remember thinking, how are you supposed to just clear your mind, why can’t my mind switch off, why does that song keep playing in my head, am I doing it right, how do I do it right and many many more questions that I am sure you can relate to. I think I have previously shared one resource here that I use but I having a short attention span and the need to nourish my mind, I am always on the search for more, so I have found another that I would love to share with you, it’s a little less intense and I have to say quite uplifting.

I have been listening to the series ‘You have 4 minutes to change your life’ by Rebekah Borucki for the past few weeks and I am thoroughly enjoying it, here is one from her episodes for finding Inner Peace. Have a listen and let me know what you think…

Visit Rebekah’s Blog Bexlife here.