Learn to take some time and reflect

I went to a spiritual camp a few weeks ago, it was really interesting and one of the biggest lessons I got from it was to spend time reflecting on how your feeling. With life being so busy, there really isn’t much time to stop and reflect, so forcing yourself to do this is a really good way to check in with yourself and see how your feeling. While immersing yourself in this procedure, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself to delve into what your really feeling and why, the likelihood is the feeling is arising from some kind of habit your used to feeling. The questions are as follows and remember, be 100% honest with your answers:

FYI: Reflections should happen in complete silence, silence of the mind more then anything else, that is when you can get some true clarity. Make notes on each question, writing it down really puts it in perspective.

1. How am I feeling?

2. Why do I feel this way?

3. What behavioural habit is more dominant thanks to this feeling?
There are habits that you have for example, the behavioural habit might be:

I am running away from myself/life?
(What am I avoiding)

I am in my comfort zone?
(What am I ignoring)

I am living in fear of relationships and situations?
(How am I suffering)

I am trying to control things?
(What am I suspending)

I am beating myself up/being too self critical?
(What am I struggling with in myself)

4. In what particular area is my life being affected?

5. How is this impacting me?

6. Describe how it is affecting my behaviour and attitude?

7. What do I fear?

8. What does your inner wisdom say to you?

9. What does your heart say?

Why not give it a go and let me know how you feel after…


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