Sending Light

On Saturday I was in a funny mood, too long at home made me irritable and a little sad, anyway, although I managed to recover and pick myself up, the other half who was feeling pretty much the same still seemed to have this irritability in him come the evening, I told him I was keeping my distance because I know how influential powerful souls are…his mood continued into bedtime. While I read and he popped off to put the alarm on, I remembered a valid exercise I had learnt whilst dealing with a challenging relationship…sending light.

My relationship with this particular person had really been deteriorating and I didn’t realise how sad I felt about it till I expressed it to a friend. Her response was ‘Right, that’s it, we’re sending him light’. I am open to anything that will make things better, she explained that sending light is something that if done continuously will improve relationships, I was very ready to give it a go. As she began the guided session, I could feel a tightness in my chest, I told her this and she explained that the love between me and this person had gone but doing this exercise again and again this tight feeling would eventually go, that day when I got home, the improvement was immediate, this was evidence enough that sending light works.

How to send Light
Back to Saturday, while he was out of the room, I closed my eyes and imagined god, I asked god to send me light to fill my body with light and then just for a second, I imagined him infront of me, then I just saw his soul and from god and through my body, I sent him light, I filled his body with light. I spoke of him being a soul who felt unsettled, who felt irritated, who needed light, I then opened my eyes. Exercise done and the result, he returned back in the room and seemed to be himself again, once again evidence that this actually works. So I honestly believe the answer to help improve a challenging relationships is to send them light, it might be hard to begin with, it might feel uncomfortable but the benefits will be worth it, why not give it a go…

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