Being true to yourself…

It’s got to a point in life where I won’t meet people unless they can offer me something, I’m a learner, my mind, body and soul strives from learning and although that wasn’t always clear to me, I know this now.

Last week, I had dinner with a friend, not someone I see often but someone who always seems to leave me with an after thought. This time it was the need to be true to yourself, she spoke about a friend, who she no longer really talks to. Not her exact words but what she said was something on the lines of this and I loved how she made it sound so simple

‘When I returned from my holiday, I realised I changed, certain things weren’t important to me anymore and this friendship was one of those things, I had to be true to myself’

I guess the point is, things we go through change us and certain people we were once close to, we just can’t relate to anymore but that’s ok, if anything it’s a good thing because this means your getting closer to your raw core, spiritually so many things don’t matter. Not money nor the attachments you’ve built with people, all that matters is you are true to yourself.



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