New Years Resolutions

Everyone makes jokes about resolutions, we have them ready to churn out in advance and then by the end of January, they have all been forgotten.

It’s understandable why this happens and there is nothing wrong if the motivation fades. Sometimes life gets in the way and before you realise  it, the year has passed by…

But it’s a New Year now, it’s 2016 and it’s time to reset those resolutions and try your hardest to stick to them but no pressure, if you can’t, don’t be too hard on yourself, remember time goes so fast that 2017 is just around the corner.

Making your List

Reflecting on last year, here is a list of things I need to work on this year and I hope these will encourage you to make a list too. Write them down and look at them often, that’s bound to help keep them fresh…

-Don’t worry, everything is going to be fine
– Meditate more, it will alleviate stress
– Put ‘Me’ first. Find time for me
– Life is short, don’t sweat the small things
– Take one day at a time: Be in the moment
– Choose happiness: Be Happy
– Find time for people who are important. Don’t waste time on people who are not
– Build your mental strength
– Listen to your gut
– Be grateful
– Take your time
– Freedom is the ability to be independent

One last thing, now I know it’s only week two of January but I’m feeling pretty good and I think these are some of the reasons why:

  1. Podcasts – What a great invention. On the list are the following: The meditation Podcast, The Positive Psychology Podcast and Radio Headspace. Listen to them in the morning, during the day, after work and at night. They are healthy ingredients for the mind.
  2. A diary given to me by cousin N (Mama Duck Quacks) called The Get up & Go Diary for Busy Women, this amazing diary includes daily quotes, healthy recipes, motivational words and much more.
  3. A positive attitude that is motivated by taking each day as it comes, living my life how I choose, continually reminding myself to be happy and not letting anyone or anything knock me down (And it seems to be working) #Watchthisspace

Happiness Quote


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