Things in life that resonate…

It’s been such a long time, considering I always complain about being neglected, even if someone doesn’t talk to me for a few hours, this is more like abandonment, so I am sorry.

I hate that work get’s in the way of what you really love but everyone has to make a living hey.

A few things have resonated with me over the past few months, things that help me get through the day, things I would like to share with you:

– Live for the moment, it’s much more easier to manage
– Expect nothing, then everything you get is a bonus
– You are wonderful and amazing and special, you will always be wonderful and amazing and special
– Sometimes you feel sad, feeling sad is ok. Sadness goes away.
– Be aware of your feelings, it will help you to be in control of them.
– Things will keep changing, change is good, be open to it.
– Go with the flow, surrender and be open to everything that comes your way.Don’t force something that is not meant to be.
– Everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be.
– Be grateful, every single day!

Till we speak again.

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