Crying for no reason…

Ever sat in front of the TV and without meaning to found yourself crying for absolutely no reason? Well if you haven’t, I can tell you it is very normal…there was even a song recently written about it…

Have you ever wondered where these tears come from? Well, ask yourself when they come and what triggers them, the answer might lie in this…I believe this is the response of your soul yearning for something from deep inside…perhaps it is a cry for help, to be listened to.

My crying for no reason seems to appear during movies, the feeling of loneliness or weddings, so I am starting to understand there is a real connection to love and romance.

Now I have decided, being only a shell, a keeper for the inner soul, it is my duty to ensure my soul is always satisfied…this is going to be an interesting journey I can tell you that…

I am sure we would all love to hear about your souls desires…so please do share…



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