25 Fundamental Rules for life…

Yesterday, on a long drive, a friend and I discussed happiness, she asked me ‘How can we re-live the happiness we had as children’.

This got me thinking, as you grow older and you start to experience more, think more and live more, you take on the weight of the world, so how can you go back to that innocent state that seems like a distant memory.

If I had children, I would try my hardest to instil some fundamental rules for life, rules that they could live by and rules that I hope they could recall again and again in later life, especially when things got challenging…

Here are my 25 Fundamental Rules for Life…

1. There is no reason to stress or worry about anything, everything will always be ok because it has to be, there are never any voids

2. Be a good person, be kind, generous, loving, loyal and most importantly, always do what’s right by man kind.

3. It’s ok to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them, life is about learning.

4. Everything is exactly how it should be, you don’t always need to find reasons or question outcomes.

5. If you want true inner peace, surrender completely, trust the universe and your master.

6. Ultimately, we are all one, one big spiritual family, don’t be angry or upset at those who hurt or betray you, they are there to teach you important lessons and you chose them to teach you these lessons.

7. All you can do is give your all, 100% effort and leave the rest to whatever is out there to guide you and help you find your way.

8. Breathe, raise your vibrations by breathing, this will always keep you aligned with the universe and your master.

9. Life is short, enjoy it, live each day like it’s your last, live it to the fullest.

10.Be yourself always, don’t let someone or something change who you are deep down, if you think you’re loosing yourself, do whatever it takes to find yourself again. Remember what your values are and what’s important to you.

11. The past has gone and the future hasn’t come yet, so focus on the now, this moment.

12. You can only control yourself, not others and their reactions, so always focus on you.

13. If you are still alive, you have a purpose, find your purpose, explore all avenues till you find your reason for being here.

14. There are a lot of negative people out there, if someone affects your inner peace, let them go. Negative people are this way because they can’t let go and move on, they hold on to hurt and pain. You don’t have to be this way.

15. The only thing that is constant is change, things will keep changing but that’s ok, embrace it. Change is good.

16. We all have free will and we can all make our own choices in life, this will determine which path we end up on. There are many different paths mapped out for us.

17. Practice meditation and relax, learn to relax, to switch off and be at peace. Find peace within yourself.All the answers you need are within you.

18. Ultimately, your are just a body, a frame that holds your soul, if your soul yearns something, make sure your satisfy the cravings.

19. Remember death doesn’t exist, the soul just moves to a new body, a new frame, to learn new lessons.

20. Don’t judge people by who they are on the outside because that doesn’t matter, what matters is who they are inside. If you find yourself judging, just say to yourself ‘I shouldn’t judge because I don’t know their story’

21. Be grateful…again and again and again. As long as your always grateful, you will always be happy. Also always be positive,  even at the most challenging times, it will get you where you want to be faster…

22. Have no expectations, then you will never be disappointed. Give because you want to from the bottom of your heart, not because you expect something back in return.

23. Time is the best healer, everything will be better after a little bit of time.

24. Only surround yourself by people who make you feel good about yourself, people who make you smile, value and appreciate you, let you be you. If there is that niggling feeling that something is just not right, it probably isn’t. Don’t doubt your gut feeling.

25. Always love and respect yourself, be your own best friend, put you first, at the end of the day, you are the most important person to you.

There might be some that you would like to add and we would all love to hear them…also let us know your favourites…we are all one remember 🙂



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