Saying goodbye…

When it’s your choice…
You have made a decision to  let something or someone go because you know it was the best thing for you, sometimes people are heavy in your life,  they repeatedly upset you, make you sad and bring you pain, so letting them go is easy and makes sense.

When it’s not your choice…
It becomes harder when the decision isn’t yours, when you are forced to let people go but you have to be selfless because you know it’s the best thing for them…once in a while they enter your mind and everything floods back. I don’t believe in having any regrets but what is the best way to cope with this?

Your Guide to Surviving the Pain
– Remember the good times, one thing that you will never lose is your memories, they are yours to keep forever, so reflect on them
– Don’t have any regrets – You did what you did because it was the right thing to do – be proud of yourself for your selfless attitude
– Be grateful – I can’t tell you how important this is, you need to be grateful for everything you have now, the past has gone.
– Keep cutting that cord – You made the decision, accept it and cut that spiritual cord. This is something a friend talked me through and I keep practicing it because I can tell you it works.

Cutting the cord – The Process
1. Close your eyes, take 2 or 3 deep breaths, in through your nose and out of your mouth.
2. Now imagine that person in front of you, they can be close by or far in the distance (Mine are always far away).
3. Imagine a cord that runs from your belly button to theirs, it is what is keeping you connected.
4. Now imagine you are holding a pair of scissors, take the scissors and cut that cord, break the attachment.

Now don’t expect miracles to happen over night, it may take quite a few try’s to let it go but keep repeating the process till you feel you have set yourself free.

The Final Word – Time heals everything…

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