Never judge a book by it’s cover…

‘Never judge a book by its cover’ – This quote couldn’t be more true. Once you become more aware of people and for whatever reason you question their intentions, you have already started to discover that what you see isn’t what you’re getting.

For a while now, I’ve said that just because someone acts or behaves a certain way on the outside, this doesn’t necessarily reflect who they are on the inside, the question is, how do you know the difference?

Well, it’s normally the occurrence of a niggling feeling, an uncertainty – if you get this feeling, it is probably a sign that something about that person is not quite right.

Over the years, I have realised how susceptible I am to negativity, it’s not something I can shake off and it becomes even harder when the individual you are faced with comes across as a really positive and happy person, it takes some time to realise it’s just an act…then what? 

If you get that feeling but you can’t work out why, keep away or let them go, that would be my advice…perhaps quite a harsh decision but I believe strongly that people who are in your life should be adding to you, not taking something away and you definitely shouldn’t be questioning them …

Massive lesson for you to remember: Not everyone is like you…so always be aware of your inner…deepest doubts…and act on them…

Happy Wednesday to all my lovely followers…

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