After all, tomorrow is another day…

Sometimes, things get too much, this was exactly how I felt on Friday, I could feel myself getting more and more negative and I couldn’t seem to pick myself up, isn’t it annoying when that happens?

Anyway, the question I know your asking is…so what did you do? Well, in this kind of situation, what can you do?  I have advised before:

1. Find things to be grateful for
2. Do things that make you happy
3. Spend time with people you love and who love you
4. Spend time alone

I promise these work but if they don’t and like me on Friday, you can’t pick yourself up…quote Scarlet O’Hara and remember “After all tomorrow is another day”.

This will always be your saving grace…when you sleep, you can let go of the day’s happenings and wake up refreshed.

And if you haven’t seen the famous clip from another one of my favourite films Gone with The Wind, here it is just for you…

Happy Tuesday Everyone x

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