A new Year…A new chance to let go

It seems only right to be posting on the last day of the year. I have let go of a lot of people this year, it’s been a really big one for me and I feel a lot lighter for it but what I realised is although these people have gone from my life, the experiences I had with them have not.

In some way’s this is a good thing because it is important not to forget special things you have done with people. However, what is also important is to be aware that everyone is different, so you can’t hold on to one bad experience and expect it to keep happening to you again and again, if you do this, how will you ever really be able to move on.

So my advice is, when you let go, don’t just let go of people but also things that have happened to you, be open to new experiences, feelings, opportunities…believe that the same things won’t keep happening to you again and again…trust the universe to bring you what you deserve…have faith…

And if you don’t believe me…2014 is just around the corner, this is your chance to start from fresh, embrace it…

Happy New Year Everyone x



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