Meditate your way to work…

Every day on my way to work I calm my mind, I don’t know if I have shared this with you before but it’s something that I believe can be repeated again and again and I hope you will also do.

I made some realisations about myself, I could rush to work, take the fast train, stand for an hour but no no nooo, I like to be relaxed in the morning, I even wake up extra early so I can watch TV. Anyway, my routine is as follows and I definitely recommend it…

1. Get a great seat on the train at 7. 45. 

2. Spend at least 25 mins calming my mind by listening to relaxation music – I always ask for strength, wisdom, love and compassion to face my day with positive surrender, grace, happiness and humour. I also often hope for the day to go fast and smooth, this means by the time I finish my meditation, I feel completely relaxed and ready for work.

3. Listen to more uplifting music or read a book – both are great ways to remove yourself from the relaxed state and get you ready for a productive day

People often ask me about my meditation, it’s not really meditation as such, its more just being relaxed and being in the moment, this means accepting that second for what it is. When I choose to just sit and enjoy the moment, I love looking around at the people, the things they do, the things they read and I often find myself smiling in appreciation and I always tell myself how lucky I am. Always remember how lucky you are…be grateful for everything! 

When I meditate, I listen to devotional music but there is no rule of what you need to listen to, just make sure it’s relaxing…here is one for you to have a go with…



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