How did you feel? Be aware of the feelings…

I am still meditating, not as religiously as I have previously but mainly when I feel I need a bit of spiritual enlightenment…Anyway, today’s was particularly relevant…

Deepak spoke about something you wanted to happen, that you desired to get but the result of arriving at your destination was struggle,  he then compared a second experience that came easily, where everything was smooth and success was easy to achieve. How did you feel was his question? That is such an important question…

Personally, I remember the hurt and pain of  struggles, sometimes I don’t remember the incidents but never forget the feelings, this is how I can reflect to what is  good and what is bad, positive and negative, worth holding on to or time to let go of.  This is what you need to also be aware of and if you don’t know, if your worried or scared, be easy on yourself and wait for the answer was his solution. Trust your heart, trust the universe…This is something I need to keep remembering and I urge you to as well…


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