How do you get up from an all time low…

We have all been there, we have all reached the ‘All time low’ feeling where you think you will never recover from that deep pain inside that makes you feel sick, that brings on lots of sadness…however the good news is…

‘This too shall pass’, what a wonderful proverb, a phrase commonly used when bad things happen that seem overwhelming in your life. It is offered as a way to comfort and alleviate your mind that bad things will go away and it is a great reminder that if it exists, it must be something many others have experienced before in their lives…so you are never alone…

So, how do you get up from an all time low…

1. Be patient, give it time, time will make everything better, the thoughts will stop, the pain will go away and the memories will fade

2. Go out, keep busy, be with people you love, that love you, that will pick you up, that will understand, that will empathise or sympathise (Depending on what you prefer).

I realised this, although being alone is good to reflect, sometimes it really bad when you are trying to contain yourself and your emotions, being alone will just force you to think, choose your times…

3. Accept the low, I really believe in accepting things and the way they are. No point avoiding or ignoring the situation because as I have said before, it will come back when you least expect it, so you have to be honest with what why you are feeling. Accept it, so you can move forward.

Just to prove that others go through the same thing, there have even been songs written about it. Here is one of them, yes they are a boy band but I am a super big fan…enjoy!!

Happy Friday x


”…And if you know, How do you get up from an all time low, I’m in pieces, Seems like peace is, The only thing I’ll never know…”


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