Dealing with what feels like an ‘attack’

When people are upset or angry with you, their natural reaction will seem like an attack, I experienced this very recently.

It is also natural to attack back but, the best way to handle the situation is  by taking a deep breath and trying to explain your side. Note to self. Calm down and clear your mind.

The problem  is, you so desperately want the other person to see your side and this is the problem, I guess sometimes, people won’t be able to because everyone is different and this is something you also need to accept, now the next question, should you waste your time and energy?

When should you explain?

If the person means enough to you, YES you should you explain
If the person doesn’t mean enough to you, LET IT GO

But explaining is something you should only do, if you are willing to accept your mistakes, learn from it and not do it again.

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