21 Day Guided Meditations

A year ago, I started the 21 day meditation challenges. they happen every few months, I took part in the Deepak Chopra ‘Creating Abundance’ Challenge, not only was it really useful but it also proved my dedication and commitment to meditation.

There are currently 2 meditation challenges that are running. The details are below. The first started today and the second starts on 11th November.

If you haven’t taken part before or are curious as to what it’s about, definitely sign up and let me know how you found it. Enjoy!

Guided Meditations
21 Days of Gratitude by Mentors Channel – Starts Today

21 Day Challenge – Desire & Destiny (Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey) – Starts 11th November


4 thoughts on “21 Day Guided Meditations

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