A few days ago, I expressed my fear regarding a certain event I was organising, even if you can say that you know something is going to go amazingly, there is always that little feeling that makes you think ‘…but what if it doesn’t’. I am waiting for the time when that feeling no longer exists, that’s when I will know that I have reached a higher spiritual level.

Anyway, so my anxiety must have been very obvious because a friend of mine messaged me, she said ‘You have no reason to fear, it’s going to go amazingly’. She then gave me a fantastic piece of advice…

‘Envisage yourself the next day, after the event, imagine yourself reminiscing on what a great night it was, how successful it was’.  This was exactly what I needed to hear and it worked.

When you feel anxious about something, worried, stressed, scared…Imagine it has already happened, imagine how great it went or how amazing you felt, imagine that you are not worried or stressed or anxious. It really works!!!


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