Dealing with…Arguments Part 2

Last Monday, I did a post about dealing with arguments. I guess this is part 2.  Sometimes it takes time for me to register things but when it comes, it definitely hits home.

Imagine you have had the argument, you have spoken, understood and absorbed but then what? 

This is the point you could enter into the ‘Awkward’ period when your ego comes in.  Do you make the first move to talk, do you wait for the other person? Do you offer space and time? or do you just avoid?

I often play out all the options in my head. Recently, I have given space because it has felt like the ‘right’ thing to do but I realised giving space is a way to protect myself and being a bit of a coward. Letting the other person come to you means when they do, you can be assured that the issue has been put to bed, especially when you’re the cause. But this is safe and a tad cowardly!

The thing is, it’s ok if you aren’t around each other but what if you are in the same vicinity as the person, it’s not really possible to give space right? so what do you do?

Be Mature
I believe this is where maturity comes in, that’s what it comes down too. If you want something to work, a friendship or relationship (Work or Personal), you can’t have an ego or be a child.

Work at it
Nothing comes easy and everything takes time and the sooner you realise that, the better! Even if the other person doesn’t appreciate it or doesn’t seem to want to reciprocate, the way I now see it is, at least you can say you tried, you did your best and  you took a chance, so there is nothing to regret.

Don’t run
By the way, there is a very fine line between being mature and running after someone. Anyway, never be afraid to make the first move!

If everything was always perfect, we would definitely still complain, so learn how to handle the challenging times the same way you handle the smooth. Then you will find peace whether it’s good or bad!


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