Avoid being judgemental

In recent years, I have learnt to be more honest and part of this has involved being more open about everything, I realised, I would say something that I considered ‘bad or wrong’ and was always surprised when the person I was talking too wouldn’t even flinch. This is when I realised that I was too judgemental, not just in relation to other people but even towards myself.

This has led me to start to pay more attention to when I make a judgement about someone or something,  I have even gone as far as telling people to point out when I am doing it because sometimes you just don’t notice yourself.

What I have found that when I am about to make a judgement, I stop and tell myself ”You don’t know their story, you have no right to judge”. I had to do something to stop and it has worked.It’s part of the more ‘Positive Me’.

How do you avoid being judgemental? Any tips?

3 thoughts on “Avoid being judgemental

  1. It’s difficult to refrain from judging… I try to keep the mindset that everyone has their lessons to learn, and their experiences and outlook will be different than mine… I try, but don’t always succeed.

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