Moving on Vs Moving forward

“It is better to move forward than to move on… otherwise the thing you’re moving on from will always be there”

You might have seen this on my Facebook Page a few weeks back, it was the response my best friend gave after I discussed not being able to let go of a relationship I once had.

The thing I find difficult to understand is what is the difference between moving forward and moving on?

Moving On
Well I guess moving on is not accepting the situation completely, not closing the chapter physically or spiritually, moving on is keeping that sadness deep inside, so it is free to creep up on you when you least expect it and will make you re-live the trauma it first caused again and again, a bit like ground-hog day.

Moving Forward
This allows you to accept the situation, feel it, live it, understand it, love it if you have too. Your aim is to remove it from your system completely, be sad if you have too but always know your aim, so it  won’t come back like when you “Move on”. Don’t worry if it takes a long time for you to “Move Forward”. What is important is that it stops affecting you in the long run.

How will you know when you have moved forward 100%?
No more tears
No more sadness
No more negative feelings when remembering
No more wishing and hoping or waiting for their return

Just pure happiness and love for that person. A complete separation in the body, mind and soul! form.



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