Right and Good. Motive, Results & Actions

Last week, I went to a talk about a religious Hindu book, I was intrigued about what would be said and if it would be something I could relate too.

Recently, I have realised I am not particularly religious as I believe the fundamentals of each religion is the same, although the teachings are different and this talk just helped me to confirm this. However, what I did take from the talk is essential to all our lives and therefore I am sharing it with you.

1. What is good, isn’t always right and what is right, isn’t always good. Sometimes, what is good, is wrong.

This made a lot of sense to me. Take the example of a child who is in a house fire, a parent without thinking may want to enter the building by risking his/her own life, it is good they want to save the child but it is wrong to put your life in danger. Consider this when making decisions in life.

2. Your motive is what will determine your results, not your actions.

Sometimes, you do an action that appears good but the result is still not in your favour but why? This is when you must consider your motive. Was your motive pure? Did you do it for selfish reasons or did you do it for the goodness of your own heart. This is something important to consider when making choices in life because your motive will influence the result and if you want to always have good results, you must always have pure motives.




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