Managing Unexpected Reactions

As I got in the car on Saturday, my best friend says “You never guess whose engaged”.

Obviously I knew. This was followed by bickering and generally not a nice atmosphere or mood, I did realise the change but tried not to focus on it, thinking it was nothing, I was already in denial.

Luckily for us, something happened that day that made us realise life is very precious, the universe or god obviously didn’t want us to fight, so what could have been a potentially awful day, turned into a beautiful one.

Anyway, later on, my friend explained how he felt my reaction to what he had told me was out of character for me, generally a person who is happy for everyone and very positive, I became negative and that reflected on him, if you read last weeks posts, he is one of the people who bounces off my energy.

He asked me questions, wanting to know why I felt that way and I found myself emotionally quite sensitive about the topic of marriage, mainly because once I had fallen in to that category.

Sometimes you think you are 100% healed only to realise that actually you’re not. He gave me some amazing advice about how to deal with reactions that result in negative moods.

Managing Unexpected Reactions

1. When you realise you have been effected by something someone says, describe the feelings you have, is it anger? is it upset? is it negativity? is it fear?

2. Ask yourself why you could be feeling this way. Is it the result of something that’s happened to you? or someone else? How does that make you feel?

3. Once you are aware of what it is, how can you deal with it and move on from it? How can you make sure this reaction doesn’t keep recurring?

To avoid this happening again, this may involve changing some of your beliefs, belief’s that have existed with you your whole life, so you can already anticipate that it’s not going to be easy but being aware means you have something to work towards and that is the main thing to remember!


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