Energy and it’s effects: Full Moon Day

Energy Week

As you know, this week has focussed on energy. I can’t even tell you how important it is that you are aware of people and their energy for your own well-being.

Questions to ask yourself…
How do I feel after spending time with person A?
What do I feel?
What do I need to do about it?
If I am feeling this way (Negative or Positive), is this person someone I want in my life?

When I talk about energy, I am not just referring to people but also food, sounds quite crazy but even food has energy. So do plants (Ever hear your mother or grandmother or wife talk to plants?, now you know why), as do stars (Shooting Stars). the moon etc. Talking about the moon, I have something to share…

Full Moon Day

My Community believe strongly in being totally vegan on a full moon day. I have always gone along with it but most recently wanted to know why.

After doing a bit of asking around, I found out that it’s to do with the moons energy. On a full moon, the moon sends out a lot of energy that can sometimes also affect your mood, so to avoid any negative effects on you and your mood, we eat only vegetarian, filling our bodies with pure foods that do not come with any kind of traumas. It made perfect sense!

After spending some time doing a bit of research. I came across this awesome article. If the idea of Energy really interested you, I would definitely advise you take a read. A bit of a teaser from you from the article

“Since the full moon pours down a tremendous amount of energy, you must be in a calm state of mind to receive a positive effect. Remember that whatever is going on in your body, mind and spirit will be amplified”- Full Moon: Harness The Energy & Make It Work For You


Full Moon



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