Energy and it’s effects: Be Aware of Energy Drainers

This weeks posts revolve around energy…

When you’re a happy, positive, energetic person, it natural to attract all kinds of people. There are 3 kinds of people you can meet, at least in my experience:

1. The one who shares & gives energy
This is the person, who when you spend time with, whether you talk a lot or say nothing, at the end you still feel absolutely great! Their intentions are completely pure, they are genuine and will always be honest with you.This is the kind of person you should hold on too.

2. The one you bounce off
There will be some whom you bounce off. You share your energy and they share it back. It’s a 2 way relationship that works on cosmic compromise. Their way’s can be selfish but they mean well and they will always have your back because of their clean, pure heart. In the grand scheme of things,this person is harmless.

3. The one you want to avoid
This is the person who you can spend time with, whether its minutes or hours but each time, feel absolutely exhausted. This is mainly because they are draining all your precious energy. They may seem happy on the outside but deep inside they are someone else, perhaps lost, perhaps confused, perhaps just very unhappy. With these people, observe and protect yourself by watching what you say and if possible, keep a safe dist


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