Finding a balance

It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family – Philip Green 


Life is about finding a balance…

This means not just focussing all your attention on work or family but also making enough time for yourself.

My friend came to see me, I don’t really know why as he was pretty irritated the whole time he was with me and wasn’t any better after he left. He expressed his annoyance with not being able to be productive at work which was resulting in him spending too much time working and not enough time doing things for himself. I explained to him that he just needed to find a balance. He agreed and when I saw him the following time, he was back to his old happy self.

Sometimes we don’t realise how miserable we get when we don’t give our needs enough time, we also don’t realise the effect this has on our ourselves and the people around us. We get so caught up with all the things that need to be done, we become self-absorbed and we forget about the repercussions and then it’s too late because we have already entered a downward spiral.

Don’t let it get to that point and find your balance well in advance!





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