“Managing relationships”

Not everyone who you meet is going to be where you are spiritually! Perhaps it’s not their time or life time.

My friend described it so well, I had to share it with you. Over a phone conversation, he was discussing his line manager at work.

“She’s different” he said
“What do you mean different?”
“Well it’s going to be a relationship I am going to have to manage, rather than it flowing naturally”
“Does that mean she’s at a different level because she hasn’t started the journey yet?”

“Managing a relationship” because that is exactly what we are doing at times, we know we can’t share our wisdom with the person because no matter how hard we try to explain, the likelihood is they won’t be able to understand it!

Discovering the meaning of life, your purpose etc. is something each individual needs to do on their own. So, instead of getting frustrated, we have to “manage the relationship” but be rest assured that when the time is right, that individual will work it out on their own because everyone has to at some point!


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