“I am worth it” – Having confidence

Over the weekend I had a little catch up with some girl friends, it’s true what they say about friendship “The greatest healing therapy is friendship…”.

The meeting wasn’t just for fun, it was actually an annual review. Last year we met and made some goals about where we wanted to be, so we sat, chatted and went through our list. This is actually a great way to reflect on what you want from life.  Funnily enough there was one goal that we all made for next years review “Building our careers”.

I personally am in the very early stages of the career process. As we discussed careers, one friend said ‘I want more money’, whilst the other said ‘Yes, I am worth more than want I am getting’. I was pretty impressed by their responses, these were strong women who knew their true value.

This got me thinking and led me to ask the question “How do you know your worth if you aren’t aware of your potential?”. I guess this was always my issue, I chose jobs that didn’t challenge me and deep inside I knew I could do more and achieve more and only now can I confidently say “Yes, I am worth a lot more than that”.

A lot of it lies in confidence, if you have the confidence, you can do anything but I am a prime example of it not happening over night, it may take weeks, a year or like me, a lot longer!!!!

A small quote I could like to share with you…
“If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started” – Marcus Tullius Cicero




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