The 5 stage process – Managing Loss

Loss doesn’t just refer to loosing someone through death but I also believe it is defined as a breakdown in a relationship, although not exactly the same, they both leave you with an unexplainable excruciating pain.

I have to be honest, I haven’t experienced a lot of loss through death, I’ve either been too young to understand or not close enough to feel the pain, so this is an experience I can’t relate too. However, I have been through a loss, I’ve been with people whom I have loved, who I thought would remain in my life forever, this was the biggest realisation of my life to date, that not everything lasts forever and has actually helped me to detach a lot.

I wanted to give you a bit of advice about how I dealt with it, it’s 5 stage process, at least it was for me…

Phase 1. Shock – The initial feeling is why is this happening? Other words to describe this are: confusion and anger

Phase 2. Avoidance – It’s so easy to deny what it is happening, hoping that avoiding the situation will make it go away.

Phase 3. Acceptance – Nothing can change, it is what it is, the only choice you have is to accept. This is the hardest, most challenging part and will most likely take the longest.

Phase 4. Healing – The healing process has started, the pain is less and it’s much easier to talk about the loss, you can start being honest with yourself about your feelings.

Phase 5. Enlightenment – I guess this is not something every one goes through but I know I do. You have asked the questions and now understand the answers, your able to see things more positively and you can feel a real difference.

If you have different processes, please do share…


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