Free will and destiny

I often wonder about destiny, how does it work, are things written, do we have control over the way our lives pan out?

I’m still trying to figure it out but what I have learnt and have expressed here before, is that we have choices and everyone we meet teaches us lessons.

I was reading a book by Dr Brian Weiss called Same Soul, Many Bodies and found this extract that I felt described Free will and destiny very nicely…

“Just as the soul does a review at the end of a life, so it seems to make a life preview before we are born. It plans the life, I’m going to work on compassion or empathy or non-violence, for example. It sees how the life is et up, whom were going to meet, who will help us along the spiritual path, and how we’re going to help them. (It’s complicated because there is an interaction with other souls, and they have their plans, too) The people we meet and the experiences that are set up help us to learn-this is destiny”

“Okay, you’ve met this beautiful person, and you had in your life preview planned to spend the rest of your lives together, learning together, helping each other as you progress toward immortality. But the person is of the wrong religion or lives too far away, or your parents intervene, or you don’t have the courage to override the influence of culture, so you choose not to marry that person either spiritually or physically. This is free will. You had a choice and, freely made, it was no. The choice will bring you to a destiny point that might not have occurred if your choice had been yes. This is how we change our future in this life”

”If you meet this person and marry, it will put you on one road…and it will affect this life and your future lives. If you choose to separate, you’ll be on a different road, and you may be learning different lessons…’


3 thoughts on “Free will and destiny

  1. There are some full of hubris who claim we have no free will which is a way of taking away choice from individuals.

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