Even Netty has a soul

Yesterday my net book decided to pack up.  It sounds funny and a little crazy but I felt sad, I felt I had let it down and neglected it.  On many occasions it had asked to be shut down, re-started or re-booted but I got so caught up with all the things I needed to do that I didn’t get around to doing any of those and I guess it retaliated.

I decided that I didn’t care if I lost everything because I have stopped being attached, attachment is bad for the soul, it just leads you to carrying un-necessary baggage and at the end of the day, nothing physical will remain with us, so what’s the point in holding on?

Anyway, after expressing my sadness to a few friends and feeling immense guilt about letting ‘Netty’ (Yes she now has a name too) down, today, I decided to give her another go and can you believe it, she was back to normal.

Note to self:
Appreciate, Detach, Let go and Have Faith


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