Give and you will receive


(Photo sourced from Google)

I’m a very loving person by nature, some may say I use the word ‘Love’ excessively, although I have to admit, I have started to be a little more careful, just to preserve its true meaning.

Many years ago, it was something that I rarely used and I remember, the first time someone said it to me, I couldn’t bring myself to reciprocate and then it was too late and I always wondered what would have happened if I had only been more vocal, this is when I decided I would say it every time I felt it, no matter what, when or how.

In more recent years, especially over the past year, there have been times when I have felt sad and disappointed that I haven’t received back, it can be upsetting but if I have to tell you a few things about this, it would be…

1. Don’t give something to receive, give because it feels right, because it makes you feel happy, give so you don’t regret.

2. Spiritually, they say, if you really want something, you have to give it. If you want love, give give give and you will receive. This goes for everything in life. 

3. Life is short, what do you possibly have to lose? In fact, all you can do is gain.

As a result of my change of views and unconditional love, I have been blessed with so much in return, I am truly lucky and grateful!

Sometimes you might even be surprised by the reactions you get. So what you waiting for?


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