Deviate from deep sadness: A remedy

One more follower till I reach 30 : ) How awesome is that! Thanks for all the support everyone.

I’ve been feeling a little fatter than normal so had already thought I would go to the gym prior to badminton and I decided to start off by walking. I had woken up in quite a down mood, so I found myself talking in my head as I walked. Whilst I looked up at the trees and the clear blue sky and felt the sun on my hair, I realised I needed a gratitude reality check, it was quite easy to answer the question today. Today I was grateful for nature, as I walked, lapping up the beauty that was around me, I decided to take a detour and ended up in my local park. After a long time, I spent about 15 minutes, sitting on the swings and appreciating my surroundings, miraculously, it seemed to heal the sadness I woke up with.

Now, I don’t think I’ve ever known or realised how to deviate that deep sadness that you feel sometimes but today must have been my lucky day and I wanted to share it with you all. There were a few things that helped in my healing today and I hope you will use them to help you:

  • If I am sad, only I can make me better. A reflection of one of my recent posts ‘I am my own boss‘.
  • Remembering to be grateful stops you from being ungrateful, it’s the smallest things that really matter for e.g. Nature
  • Do something for you. When you do something for you, you’re not only satisfying your body but also your mind and your soul. For me today, being at the gym was just for ‘me’.
  • Relaxing music, recently, I spend a lot of time listening to classical music, it seems to soothe something. Today I started off with meditation and then went on to devotional music. From the second I left the house, to the walk and even when I was working out. When your mind is calm, you can think more clearly. It’s invigorating.

What else do you do to take away the sadness? Feel free to share, I’m sure we would all love to hear your remedies.


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