Reading List: The Fakir

Last year this time, at probably one of my weakest moments of my life I met Ruzbeh N Bharucha. A wonderful man who channels from the indian saint Sai Baba, I had no idea how much our brief encounter would change my life. Apart from telling me that I was spiritually lost, he explained things to me and made me aware of things that I had never realised. He also advised me to read the book he had written called The Fakir. It is the best thing I have ever done!

Me 2012…So you can understand where I was…
You know, sometimes you feel your just about reaching that point where your going to cross over to become someone who is selfish, not because you want to but because you have been hurt and let down by life, you can feel the bitterness and anger but you don’t know what to do about it…but then somehow, you are saved. That was how I felt after reading The Fakir.

If you get a chance, please have a read and share with me your thoughts and feelings about the book and please bear in mind, I’m not trying to spread a religion, as I am not religious but for me, personally, I was able to build some thoughts and beliefs, philosophies that have contributed to my life and that’s why I ask you to have a read!

Quotes: The Fakir

Either do what your soul really desires and if you can’t, for whatever reason, then make peace with yourself and accept your present situation, with grace, as the will of the Lord. There is no other way son…

 Son we all are entwined in karma and in God. Don’t hurt or hate or abuse anybody as you don’t know, you may be hurting your dearest and most beloved, but you cant recognize it as the soul is wearing a different body in this particular lifetime.

Destiny is a road map that points out the general direction, major destinations and gives an overview of the journey to be undertaken. Avoiding potholes, bad roads and speed breakers and using common sense are at the discretion of the driver.


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