What is happiness? Career, Health, Relationships

Happiness for me is feeling secure and settled in the most important aspects of my life, these being: Career, Health and Relationships.

Career, Health and Relationships

Having a career enables me to have a stable income and encourages independence and the flexibility to more options, I hate that this is the case and for a long time I was in denial but it comes to a point when you have to admit that money is a necessity. Although I still stand strong when I say, you don’t need a lot, just enough to give you the life that you deem as ‘comfortable for your needs’ bearing in mind ‘comfortable’ will be mean something different to every person!

Health – When you look good, you feel good, you don’t always appreciate the importance of having good health but I’ve realised over the year how important it is to stay healthy. Not only is eating the right foods, at the right time is essential but also regular exercise will keep your body and mind alert and even strong. Strength is important, mental strength will allow you to focus and build discipline.

Meditation is additionally essential, you don’t always know or feel the effects a day has had on your body and mind but meditating feel more relaxed, calm and refreshed. This will also have a positive effect on your soul. Unfortunately, many illnesses are not related to just health but something beyond that. Let go of your accumulated baggage. You might want to read my post on Better Sleep where I suggested a meditation that would help to remove negativity.

Relationships, someone once said to me ‘the best thing about living in this world is being able to have physical relationships’. By this she meant being able to touch, love, have feelings. It was such a beautiful concept, it stuck with me and I started to appreciate how lucky we really are. I’m not the type that enjoy’s doing things alone, for a long time I thought this was bad but I realised, it’s not that I can’t be alone, it’s just I like people and company. Nothing wrong with that!

A relationship doesn’t just relate to people but also relationships with food, your body etc. Everything is a ‘relationship’ So you must remember to nurture each and every relationship you have, look after it and appreciate it.

So, what is happiness to you? 


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