Life is a stage

A little while back, I bumped into my ex hairdresser who left the industry to join the police force. I was eager to find out why he left when he was so good at his job, his words were ‘Just because your good at something, doesn’t mean you enjoy it’. He expressed how he had hated his job for years, my reaction was ‘But it never seemed that way’ ‘He said ‘I’m just a great actor’.

2 things stuck with me after that conversation:

1. ‘I’m just a great actor’. I guess this was quite a shock, I never really thought about how when you’re in a work place sometimes you have to ‘act’ but let’s be honest, to some extent, we are acting every step of the way. I believe that we are souls but we have been given a body and a character to play and that’s what you are doing every day of your life. Trying to do the best job you can ‘acting’ the part you were assigned until you pass over into your next body.

2. ‘Just because you are good at something, doesn’t mean you enjoy it’. We have things that we are good at, skills that we possess that make us a specialist in our area but these are transferable, so we are never limited. I discussed Saturday’s post, just because we loved something 10 years ago, doesn’t mean we will continue to our whole life, that’s the beauty of having choices.


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One thought on “Life is a stage

  1. Thank you for a beautiful story you just made the word change alot likeable if that s even a word. Time to move on! Besos

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